The singular vision of the geometry of Francisca Blázquez

Forms that nourishes of spaces, which oscillates from cosmic dawns to others that are installed in compositions in which she emphasizes the 'sensible' treatment of color, as well we can indicate those that display the dominance of red and black, looking for contrast between the singular forms and the intense, vibrant, full background of force. The new geometry of Francisca Blázquez is based in the construction of a formal code, in which the important thing is the dynamism of structures, the approach angles, the vision of the interior of forms, the unusual perspective, the configuration of formal 

conglomerates located in the air, as if they tried to adhere to the vivacity of the own existence, but, simultaneously, they respected the freedom of movements and the sensation to be suspended, weightless in space. .


Elisabeth Tomás

Art critic















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