Francisca Blázquez, science, technology and dimensions

The Dimensionalismo of Francisca Blázquez is based on the investigation of technology, with special attention to the conquest of space and the study of new methods and systems of image control and energies. For that reason her artwork, made in acrylic on canvas, investigates and advance from complex forms, three-dimensional, showing its interior, focusing improbable angles. In addition she creates a species of transporting cylinders of light, of forms sectioned, displayed opened or closed, oriented from complex angles. On the other hand these, have, nonsingular their structured geometric predisposition, but an existential intentionality, a certain power aura that present them as something more than simple matter. For that reason, although she has scientific and artistic academic formation, as well knowledge of the evolution of science, Francisca is also interested in spirituality, understood like part of the complicated process of balance that exists in the universe.


Eduardo Arroyo Encina

Writer and poet










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