Light and matter in the Dimensionalismo of Blázquez

Matter is the base of the physical consistency of existence, and energy generates its transformation. Light is energy, but, also, symbolically, is the spirit in the dimensional artwork of Francisca Blázquez. For that reason she bets for the geometry of 21st century based on the matter that is transformed and into the presence of light cylinders, light beams, forms with light that is the immaterial part. Also her contemporary conception, seated in avant garde, strange forms, that go well beyond all we actually know, conforms a vision outpost of the pictorial thing, demonstrating that the creation on canvas is not saturated nor finished at the present time. 

On the other hand, today’s painting continues with more use even than before, because when existing different disciplines, and with the contribution of new ones based fundamentally on technology, artists like the Madrilenian creator, makes it dignified as well acting as a bridge of union with other disciplines.


José García












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