Francisca Blázquez

Francisca Blázquez is one of the most impressive contemporary astists I know. Her work starts from analyzing the reality and thinking about possible worlds. Posible ways to change reality, to re-create a status of living our everyday life. And she makes this research using 3D modelers and all new technologies we know. After thios first experimentation, she Animate her virtual reality. Because of she has a great curriculum as dancer, she has the key to express feelings emotions passions and movement in the best way. I love her videos.


So, from body to virtuality, from reality to digital, Francisca tell us her personal way of thinking life, of thinking art. Contemporary art, that today, has too many problems of expression. As curator and as artist too, I think she will show us all wonderful possibilities of contemporary art-world and her reserarch will continue to find new styles and ideas. As all great artists of the history. 





Luca Curci

Art director Non Stop











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