Francisca Blazquez - An Artist of our Time

I have been told that almost from the age that Francisca could hold a pencil, she has been drawing. Something within her soul seems to drive her to communicate with the world through her artistic works. Not only does she paint, but also sculpts and designs jewellery. All different facets of her prolific creativity.

The more I look at her paintings the more symbolism I see in her work. I can relate the imagery of her work to images well known to us all. Take “Zona Cero” (Ground Zero) which brings to mind the spaceship floating through space in “2001 - A Space Odyssey”. Her work “Luz” brings to mind Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” in the Sistine Chapel where the finger of God creates Man. The more austere works such as “Esperanza en Luz”, “Dimension espacial” or “Cruz Dimensional” recall the visionary film-maker Fritz Lang’s epic masterpiece “Metropolis”, whose message was “The mediator between head and hands must be the heart” and is as valid today as it was in 1927 when the film was premiered.

This brings me to the connection between the film “What the Bleep do We Know” and the work of Francisca Blazquez. When I read that the film was to be launched in the UK, I knew that the message of both was the same for the following reason. Last October when Francisca was exhibiting at the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid some visiting scientists, who specialised in quantum physics, visited her exhibition. Several of them spent a long time observing her paintings and emitting sounds of astonishment and jubilation. When they finally came to speak with Francisca they declared that they found in her work the visual interpretation of the theory of quantum physics. One scientist said that it helped him to understand better the work he was doing and it would help him to continue his research. 

Francisca was to say the least, quite surprised by the reaction of the scientists but nonetheless delighted to hear of their appreciation for her work. With this in mind it seemed a natural evolution to collaborate in some way with the promotors of the film, Revolver and we are incredibly proud to be given this opportunity. 

It would seem that art and science are finally beginning to work hand in hand, but as the mediator said, ‘we must never forget the heart’.


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