En el mundo de la singularidad


(12-1-2006 al 22-1-2006)

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Exhibition `In the World of Singularity'  in Madrid (Spain) from the 12 to the 22nd of January of 2006 

The symbolist expressionism of Alberto Cerritos in Casa do Brazil


Alberto Cerritos, Salvadoran-Canadian, artist resident in Canada, with international, inventive projection of Complex Art, of universal mentality, member of the Canadian group of artists denominated La Raza, multidiscipline artist, sculptor, painter, muralist, digital artist and theoretician of art and poet, exhibits painting and sculpture in Casa do Brazil, in the exhibition `In the World of Singularity. Group 21 Plus', exhibition organized in Madrid from the 12 to the 22nd of January 2006 by the mentioned Brazilian organization, 

Alberto Cerritos shows his art besides worldwide: known artists Basil Barrington Watson (United States-Jamaica-), Francisca Blázquez (Spain), Bharat Bhushan (India-China), Alberto Cerritos (Canada-El Salvador), Pongpan Chantanamattha (Thailand), Christopher Ebejer (Malta), Joaquin Martin Rojas (Mexico), Hugo Pistilli (Paraguay) and Noboru Yurugi (Japan). 

The work of Alberto Cerritos is characterized by its deep expressionism, its totem and accused ancestral. He does not resign to his roots, deepening in the icon aspects of indigenous cultures, in its geometric symbolism, interlacing these investigations with a deep and serious investigation of the present vanguards. His art is a sacred fusion of native, primitive symbols, references to present geometry, interventions of digital art based on formal structures, in printed circuits, abstract references, cybernetic human beings, fusions between people and machines, forms that are characterized by their intense profusion of colorful savage. His art is existential, singular, fruit of his enthusiasm for life, product of his accentuated romanticism and his worldwide solidarity. 

He is a 'New Romantic`, with shared common political connotations, but, also, an enthusiastic critic of the mechanisms of power. On other hand his plastic action leads him to coordinate world-wide encounters of artists, in the aspect to obtain a unit in diversity of concepts, that produce new theories like Complex Art, that is product of the different artistic attitudes that coexist in contemporary society. The old schools and the isthmuses lost the force they had at the time of the historical vanguards, but, on other hand, in the world of today's singularity artists arise who develop specific concepts of art like Alberto Cerritos, Joaquin Martin Rojas with his Eco Global Art and Francisca Blázquez with her spiritual and technological Dimensionalismo. 

In Casa do Brazil we will admire along ten days the plastic considerations of this nourished group of artists, who arose from the International Symposium of Sculpture in Changchun, China in 2004, Group 21 Plus, which in this occasion is centered, especially, in painting and sculpture.




Joan Lluís Montané
From the International Association of Art Critics.

Translated by Alberto Cerritos


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