En el mundo de la singularidad


(12-1-2006 al 22-1-2006)

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Casa do Brazil, Madrid, Spain, Group 21 Plus art exhibition, from the 12 to the 22nd of January 2006.

Christopher Ebejer, the intensity of settings.



The Maltese artist Christopher Ebejer, sculptor and set designer, deepens into the imaginative capacity of his thematic from the details, when putting in scene his sculptoric characters, to whom he gives a certain dosage of mystery. He does not work with thematic series, rather using subtle and convincing sculptures, he can oscillate from the enigma of the encapuchado one, passing through the personage of the Ghost of the opera and evocative women, who, as symbols, lock up their proposals of universal 
beauty. As sculptor he is a scenographer, because he portrays his creations with all necessary atrezzo, without leaving nothing at random, directing his personages within expositions that have much literary. On other hand, although he uses detail, he does not deepen into it, but he uses it until certain point, when, finally, he has obtained the desired maximum effect. Also, in another order of things, his predisposition to color is with clarity, taking part in all and each one of his characters, giving them the necessary final aspect, in the sense to deepen into its expressiveness, the structuring of its capacity to evoke symbols. 

Christopher Ebejer exhibits his artwork in Madrid; in the exhibition of Casa do Brazil with other eight members of Group 21 Plus, created in China during an international Symposium of sculpture in which he also participated. The other artists who exhibit in the capital of Spain are: Basil Barrington Watson (United States-Jamaica), Francisca Blázquez (Spain), Bharat Bushan (India-China), Alberto Cerritos (Canada-El Salvador), Pongpan Chantanamattha (Thailand), J. Martín Rojas (Mexico), Hugo Pistilli (Paraguay) and Noboru Yurugi (Japan). 

Basil Barrington Watson recreates in the personages of the world of dance, using them at an allegorical level, emphasizing his passion by its vitality. Francisca Blázquez shows her Dimensionalismo, characterized by its chromatic passion, her persistence in reaching spiritual illumination, of exhibiting forms as spectacular outposts of great purism and effects. Bharat Bushan shows preference for calm, quiet personages, representing daily scenes, in which the woman figure predominates, with oversized extremities, but without deformation. Alberto Cerritos combines the cybernetic realm with the primitive nature, fusing two cultures of different times. Pongpan Chantanamattha shows preference for expressive faces but night watchmen, almost hieratic and simultaneously, equipped with almost imperceptible and compulsive movement. J. Martin Rojas is iconic, matter oriented and symbolist, seeking for the essence of mass. Hugo Pistilli investigates into the prologues of sensitivity and gesture applied icons and personages of universal reputation, conferring a suggestive and intimist aesthetic, mixed with certain sensuality that gives a singular character to his art. On other hand Noboru Yurugi settles in the world of emptiness and plenty, the existence and the nonexistence to explain balance.


Joan Lluís Montané
From the International Association of Art Critics.

Translated by Alberto Cerritos.


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