En el mundo de la singularidad


(12-1-2006 al 22-1-2006)

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Casa do Brazil, Madrid, Spain, Group 21 Plus art exhibition, from the 12 to the 22nd of January 2006. 

The Complex Art of Alberto Cerritos combines geometry, expressionism, science and totem iconography in Casa do Brazil 



Cybernetic machines, wizards, geometric structures, printed, digital circuits, virtual, invented circuits, references of machines and men, animal fusions, machines and human beings. It is the world of Complex Art, the cybernetic art, the cyber solidarity world minded brother Alberto Cerritos. 
The art is complex, because it is distilled, subtle in the prologues, dense in the meaning, but clear in the final results. A fusion art, of an artistic creation based on the daily habitual dynamics of art, that arises from the unconscious mind, of the great visual media production that dominates the World, of the unconscious subjectivity, the great proliferation of art. Within this context of progress, fusion, mestizo and dialogue, Cerritos coordinate his knowledge of primitive indigenous cultures, his references to his Salvadoran ancestry, with the symbols of the Canadian Indians and of all America. The geometry of the American natives also is in the soul of such, denominated universal sacred geometry. Geometric forms conform cultural wholeness, because from them, the source of languages is based and is the diversity pathway. Just to spread key aspects of a remote past that connect with the new geometry, repeating by itself the cycle of energy. For that reason in digital art and painting he is totemic and native, geometric primitive and cybernetic. Whereas in sculpture he is expressionist, asymmetric in the forms, looking for turns, the work of textures, the confrontation of zones, angles and materials. From the irregular aspect, territories of imagination, bordering the meaning of the singularity of expression. 

In Casa do Brazil, we will also see the artwork of Basil Barrington Watson (United States-Jamaica), Francisca Blázquez (Spain), Bharat Bhushan (India-China), Pongpan Chantanamattha (Thailand), Christopher Ebejer (Malta), Joaquin Martin Rojas (Mexico), Hugo Pistilli (Paraguay) and Noboru Yurugi (Japan). A well-rounded group of artists who in Madrid appear within the umbrella of Group 21 Plus, arisen after an international encounter of sculpture in Changchun, China. In Casa do Brazil of the Madrilenian capital personal languages with authentic leaders of each new conception applied to the arts are interlaced: The Complex Art of Alberto Cerritos, the Eco Global Art of Joaquin Martin Rojas and the spiritual and technological geometric Dimensionalismo of the multidiscipline Madrilenian Francisca Blázquez. It is an international encounter of visual arts, of artists of different origins, languages and cultures, but united in diversity in an impressive artistic encounter, that really tries to accelerate the progress of the unit in the compression of art in all its diversity. 

Alberto Cerritos, member of the Canadian Group La Raza knows much of it because he has expanded worldwide experience that guarantees it. 


Joan Lluís Montané
From the International Association of Art Critics.

Translated by Alberto Cerritos.


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