En el mundo de la singularidad


(12-1-2006 al 22-1-2006)

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Casa do Brazil, Madrid, Spain, Group 21 Plus art exhibition, from the 12 to the 22nd of January 2006. 

Pongpan Chantanamattha, the allegory of serenity in contained dynamics 



His sculptures are a song to inner serenity, to the conceptualization of the complex in the simple truth, and for that reason he combines his sculptor materials with textile elements that surround the face in certain cases. He investigates in the prologues of simple nature, deepening into the detail, the search of a more complete dimension of existence. From there he remarks characteristics, delimit details, looking to experience in precise formulations his models used like ideas of an attitude that deepens in the interior. Although he is a sculptor that bases his discourse on technical abilities, reflecting himself through his work, he also carries out an authentic exercise of meditation, self-knowledge and search in a complex world. 
Pongpan Chantanamattha participates with Group 21 Plus in Madrid; in Casa do Brazil, for the first time in our country. He is an artist who finishes his work very well, looking for the perfection of detail and the simplicity of lines. Other members of Group 21 Plus with artwork in Casa do Brazil are: Basil Barrington Watson, Francisca Blázquez, Bharat Bushan, Alberto Cerritos, Christopher Ebejer, J. Martin Rojas, Hugo Pistilli and Noboru Yurugi. 

Basil Barrington Watson shows preference for the emblematic of aesthetics in line of the exaltation as well as the purity of vitality. He uses figuration for its symbolism. Whereas Francisca Blázquez, creator of Dimensionalismo in 1998 is interested in the formulation of the geometric dimensional, cradle in an approach to the spiritual light from suggestive geometry, poly-hexagonal and complex cylinders of light. Bharat Bushan raises the routine character from the monumental of human beings, those, which are the object of his interest. Alberto Cerritos is expressionist, symbolist, mixing ancestral technology and icons in his pictorial series; whereas in net-art he creates artwork based on subject half- human and half machine. Christopher Ebejer has entered into the perplexities of the stage scene, the docudrama, the sensitivity of the specific, based on the theatricality of his personages, but also, in its symbolism and myth. J. Martin Rojas investigates the expressive matter, in folding and wrinkles of color, creating a discourse of icons. Hugo Pistilli is symbolic, allegorical, seeking for the classic aspect from a contemporary conception. Noboru Yurugi is interested in the philosophy of existence, at the infinitesimal moment of change. Duality exists, but, in addition, is introduced in the paradigm of sameness, to show its ultimate reason of being: the coherence and contradictory complexity. 


Joan Lluís Montané
From the International Association of Art Critics.

Translated by Alberto Cerritos.


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