En el mundo de la singularidad


(12-1-2006 al 22-1-2006)

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Exhibition of Group 21 Plus in Madrid from the 12 to 22nd of January 2006 

Alberto Cerritos, poet, essayist, theoretician, visual and coordinator artist in Casa do Brazil 


His theoretical writings on cyber art as well Complex Art are known throughout the world. Also his theoretical, symbolist, loving surrealism of primitive icons and allegorical deepening from the present, delimits the reaches of the international art from a predisposition towards a world wide solidarity that characterizes his performance in all fields. 

Complex Art is a theory on the present dialectics of art, in which different opinions and attitudes are crossed, in the world-wide labyrinth of ideas, they spill its visual reach, in which the individual languages predominate as plastic, but, also, currents of creators who, without belonging to the same concept, agree in basic aspects of art. It is a confluence of synergies, in line with the individuality of creators and the superabundance of visual impacts, fused information and formation. In a syncretism world, in a technological, scientific society, more and more immersed in the Era of Aquarius, which is the spiritual era of wisdom, of the collective and individual cosmic mind equipped with sensitivity, that will open the doors of the spirit to an authentic world-wide change,

Group 21 Plus is its direct consequence. An artist Group formed by visual artists coming from different disciplines, cultures, ethnic groups, languages and philosophical currents. Conformed by artists of five continents, whose languages oscillate from abstraction to Dimensionalismo, from Global Echo Art to Complex Art, from dramatized hyperrealism to the idealism of reality, from expressionism to symbolism and streamlined realism. 

Casa do Brazil, alongside the work of Alberto Cerritos, painter, sketcher, author of digital art, net-art, poet, essayist, theoretician and coordinator of artists, member of diverse associations of world-wide reach of creators such as La Raza Group and COMAV presents the creations of the following artists: Basil Barrington Watson (United States-Jamaica), Francisca Blázquez (Spain), Bharat Bhushan (India-China), Pongpan Chantanamattha (Thailand), Christopher Ebejer (Malta), J. Martin Rojas (Mexico), Hugo Pistilli (Paraguay) and Noboru Yurugi (Japan). 




Joan Lluís Montané
From the International Association of Art Critics.

Translated by Alberto Cerritos


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