Francisca Blázquez shapes the dimensional and inter dimensional concept as nobody until now has done. The artwork of Francisca is necessary to see if not from the technique, which is very polished, but from the interior of ourselves. You will not be able to catch the message of Francisca Blázquez if you observe her work on the basis of forms, light, colors, textures, shades, etc. 

When you observe a work of Francisca you must do it introducing your soul in the picture. Meditating in front of it will take you to the borders of the Cosmos in a trip towards the Stars and simultaneously towards your own Heart where it is hidden the Knowledge by someone nobody knows, and with the security in hand that we will never find it there if we do not let go watching outside and instead turn to watch inside. 

Francisca facilitates this work of introspection and recovery we lost at some time of Human History. If you observe a single painting from a technical way, you will lose the fundamental meaning of the message: the knowledge of other Universes where our eyes of Third Dimension do not reach to see other realities.

Francisca Blázquez show us it time and time again in each one of her artworks because she is a restless traveler of Time and Space. 

She is a versatile artist. Who takes the art in the veins can express it anyway. All the materials, all the forms and colors are susceptible to transmit harmonious messages of peace, serenity, happiness, order, beauty and light. Francisca uses Sacred Geometry like anybody. In front one of her pictures you can see it thus: - a knocked down cloud species with two balls and two triangles. Pretty. Next one pleases. Nevertheless if you put yourself to meditate in the picture and you introduce yourself in it, you can see the enormous amount of goblins that are there in the picture, camouflaged in those clouds of blue tonalities. It crosses the Vista on the picture and observes the amount of beings of different forms that contains. It is a dream like world, but for that reason less non-real, in which the geometric forms are as important as in ours. The Sphere is the most perfect figure and when two meet that indicate duality, masculine and feminine. The serious blue spheres the masculine part and the one of pinky tones the feminine part. Both united spheres indicate us that in that world to which also acceded Francisca a sort of difference of genders exist. It continues being necessary the collaboration of masculine and the feminine thing for the evolution of all Beings. The Spheres would mark a superior Universe that collaborates and supports to another inferior one like the two pyramids that are more down in contact with one of their angles. In this inferior World or of different evolutionary state also it is the duality present but much more hard and differentiated that in the Superior world of the Spheres. The spheres communicate with pyramids through apparent white quartz crystals through which the exchange of information takes place. It indicates that the worlds are interconnected. They support each other and the growth is mutual, constant and in direction towards the Infinite. 

In the next one Francisca Blázquez shows a golden Sphere that represents our Sun through its North Pole receiving the energy of the Cosmos, processes it, sifts it and emits it through its South Pole to the planetary system that orbits in a Ecliptic that seems a ring of greenish-bluish color. This strip has nine parallel tubules that would correspond to the orbits of nine planets known as the Solar System. Each Planet receives from the Sun the energy that needs for its evolution. The Sun discriminates the orbits and puts a determined energy in each strip of orbit depending on the planet that journeys it. Encapsulation is a Solar System and protégé' of certain external influences and thus also the outside is protected of the influences of its own Planetary System. 

Only the Sun is free of fastenings and protections. The Beings who inhabit it have sufficient evolutionary level like not needing armors. In this Planetary system experiences are being made that can be polluting from the Cosmos and it is necessary to protect the System and to also protect them of it.

Francisca Blázquez is specialist in hanging from the Nada all her knowledge. It has not interest the superficial or the accessory. It is of not interest to lose the time in adornments and contours of support. The essential emphasizes it introducing it in the Nada of the Black and thus to avoid distractions in the superfluous thing. 

Everything in the Cosmos leans. Everything is ONE. There is no separation. All Cosmos collaborates in the growth of each one of its parts and thus it obtains his own growth. 

As one advances in the evolution the bodies and the forms are subtler. As well the Masculine and the Feminine. The geometric forms have life and energy and that force does not have sense if it is not amplified and sharing. Just as our neurons they are interconnected and others transmit the information until it arrives at the Brain where it is processed, thus also the Stars are connected and they transmit the information until this one arrives at the Central Sun of the Galaxy where it is processed the received information and it is resend according to the necessities to all and each one of the Planetary Solar System of the Galaxy. 

Pyramid Form of the inferior star amplifies the information that has received and is given to its star. This one transmits it to another geometric form of the superior star that also amplifies and transmits the information received to its star in an indefinite way until arriving at the Galactic Logo. Everything, therefore, is interconnected. All known is everything and as it is Above it is Down and Under.

In Francisca Blázquez it is common to observe the Four Elements, the Four Cardinal points, the Four Directions, the Four Winds, always floating in the Anything, but interlaced and united forming harmonic forms of the Sacred Geometry, that is responsible and Guardian of the knowledge to which someday, when we know to use it suitably, we will have access. It will be then when Man will see in minerals something more than color and form. We will see the hidden knowledge in its crystalline constructions. Each form, each color, each angle, each edge, receives and emits different frequencies of light. It receives and it emits different types of information. It keeps a special and essential knowledge for the future human evolution. It shows a Micro world similar to the Macro world in which Humanities of similar characteristics evolve. A stone becomes aware, has energy and therefore, life. Each Element, each Cardinal point, each Direction, has a different energy and therefore a geometric form different and therefore a specialty from different knowledge. 

In the next one Francisca shapes to us the relation of our Planet Earth with the Cosmos surroundings. We see a sphere in the center of this pictorial presentation. We can see different continents or evolutionary states within our own planet. They are the different races, policies, religions, states, nations, etc. This causes that our Planet is one of the most interesting Galactic Beings because they occur in a little space of a great disparity of possibilities.

We see the very tenebrous Inferior World and a Superior World of more luminous overtone. In the Center the Planet Earth, is therefore a submissive very powerful and aggressive duality. Organizations of very contradictory signs have to coexist and to evolve together and in addition to help itself mutually. The Light and the Dark are enemies and are not allied. So the job to be done is difficult and for that they are external aids that through forms and colors, transmit the necessary and sufficient Energies so that the job done in the Earth by the forces of the Light and the Dark arrives at good port, because all Cosmos is left fortified and it is an experiment to export to the rest of Galaxies which are observing us through the Light of its Stars. 




By Santiago Merino

Translated by Alberto Cerritos









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