The other dimension



To create is a divine gift. Each creator account with her own pictorial guidelines where all is mixed and interlaced in the kitchen of art, where each artist has the possibility of reflecting her more intimate spiritual feelings. 

Francisca Blázquez is a multidiscipline artist, who in spite of her young age, counts on a great number of individual and collective exhibitions in the national and international scope.

Whenever I am in front of a work of Francisca, I travel to the other dimension, where the space perspective and the diversity of forms and colors create a esoteric visual effect, where the form goes united to the essence of the conceptual thing, example of this we have in the work tribute to the attacks of 11-S and 11-M, for which the artist approached the content of the work from a symbolic point of view, but insisting on the content fusion and the forms. 

We can say then that her artwork is a social reflection of our days framing it in a mixed style where they flow the performance, the geometric art, etc. among others. Its bi-dimensional space, which it becomes three-dimensional with lines in flight in different directions that turn in favor of diverse latitudes, 

Blázquez creates concave universes, which allows us to enter her work in an original form and activates, sometimes alluding to futurist forms and others to a creative talent that goes beyond the plastic one.

We are in the presence of one hidalgo that rides from the old continent in search of a new world, that already exists, with the difference that Blázquez in her wild trowel will fill the empty spaces with her unconditional companion as if it were Sancho 



Felipe Alarcón: Painter, engraver and digital artist.

Translated by Alberto Cerritos










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