The intimate universe of Francisca Blázquez


For an artist is not easy to speak of another artist and her artwork, mainly when the language we normally use to transmit our feelings is painting, reason why to pass to words the opinions towards the work of another fellow is quite difficult, although in the case of Francisca it turns out to be a pleasure, aside from the affection and personal friendship I have with her, in addition her artwork has enough similarities with my own work in spite of being very different languages, but they have in common the use of color as a main base of our expressions. 
To try to define any artistic work takes without wanting us the eternal attempt to define it, to keep it safely guarded in some movement or group, but at the moment that seems both easy and difficult, that is to say, while there is a multitude of creators that the only thing they are dedicated to is to continue creating works which are mere retorts of artistic worked languages, we found, luckily, artists that go beyond being able to create a new world as well a language that identifies them and differentiate them of the others, those who form that diversity within globality, in such terms that really can define the situation of the world of art at this moment. 

Diversity, meaning artists who are different because they are creating forms, different worlds, languages within a global reality.

Francisca belongs to the group of diversity, of the artists who have been able to create a language as well an own world in their creation. In this case its called DIMENSIONALISMO, although her art has strong relation with the geometric abstraction and other tendencies, she takes dimension to another, very personal, way and invites us to share with her that vision so we can enjoy it. 

Restless creator: painter, digital artist, jewel designer...she does not stop to give exit to all her inner creative force, and like herself, her artwork transmits force and passion but in a way that when contemplating it arrives to us as a peace sensation and balance, like in a mirror.

It is normal for artists to submerge into the unknown to show us new realities, but in her case she enters other dimensions that unfold before us and leaves us disturbed and admired. She got much imagination, as well an opened, peculiar mind without complexes so as a result there are not two equal canvasses, with the difficult thing that it turns out not to reiterate ourselves when painting. This does not happen in her, because each picture is unique and seems that they are the way to different doors. 

Geometry, so important in History: harmony, perspective, cubism... is very important in her work, forms that vanish in the air, where they float, abstract landscapes, but warm geometry... universal of geometric, mechanical-kinetic forms. The expressiveness of her forms: polyhedrons, rhombuses, squares, triangles... demonstrate a different way to see the universe, a personal and spiritual universe where the importance of her work, comes to us in the playing of the basic elements of composition: the line, the plane, the emptiness and the color, because it is in the line of the expressiveness through color and in addition, she uses it to delimit the different dimensions: blue, green, yellow, violet black or gray...color, light and energy in movement are constant in her work. Her compositions are symbols that express the energy of the world of spiritual form, but in a right composition, non-chaos, very harmonic giving an expressive power through the confrontation of the opposite ones. 

I like her work so that it is conscious by itself, independent, it gives a sensation of freedom that submerges you in a state of active contemplation that drags you to sail in a different world, a new, intimate universe, that connects with your own inner universe. She paints landscapes with the imagination being able to handle with sensitivity and harmony the cold world of geometry. She obtains in her compositions a great formal beauty as well an impeccable technique and I know that it is very well planned, from daily work, very rigorous and her pure colors transport us to the essence of a particular universe.

Francisca shapes in her canvasses an innovating style: the geometric called DIMENSIONALISMO. A particular and universal world that has a language, which reach and transmits effectively everything what suggests. When it seemed that all the variants of abstraction already were done (Mondrian, Pollock...) she demonstrates that abstraction is infinite and that it is possible to create an own language with geometric forms and the color like elements, contributing to us new readings of abstraction and approaching us her main idea, that I like to use as a synthesis and epilogue of my writing: "The Whole is in the infinite Art", total and conclusive idea that I also assume as an artist.




Visual Artist. 

Translated by Alberto Cerritos









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